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8 Types of Shirts for Men: How to Wear It

Published: March 19, 2024

Types of shirts for Men come in various styles and materials for different occasions and choices. Dress shirts are usually cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, meant for formal or business occasions. Casual shirts, made of cotton, linen, or denim, are perfect for everyday wear. T-shirts offer a laid-back feel, while polo shirts give a sporty vibe.

8 Best Shirt Types For Men: How to Style it

1. Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Oxford button-down shirt for men

The Oxford Button-Down Shirt is a timeless classic that always stays in style. It’s versatile and comfortable, perfect for any occasion.

How to style

The Oxford Button-Down Shirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with chinos and loafers for a bright casual look, or wear it under a blazer for a more formal outfit. “Don’t forget to grab the matching shirt for men to complete your ensemble!”

Where to wear

An Oxford Button-Down Shirt can be worn casually and formally, making it a versatile wardrobe staple.

2. Dress Shirt

Dress shirts for men are button-up shirts typically worn with formal suits or dress pants for formal or semi-formal occasions. They are designed to be comfortable and stylish, with various colors, patterns, and fabrics.

How to style

Choose a well-fitted shirt in a solid color or subtle pattern to style a dress shirt. Pair it with dress pants, chinos, shoes, and a belt. Accessorize with a tie or pocket square for a more formal look.

Where to wear

Dress shirts are best for formal occasions and are typically worn with a suit and tie, but they can also be worn down.

3. Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirt for men

Flannel shirts are a type of casual shirt made from soft, thick cotton or wool fabric with a plaid or checkered pattern. They are typically worn as an outer layer in cooler weather and are famous for their comfort and versatility.

How to style

Flannel shirts can be styled in various ways, from a casual look with jeans and sneakers to a more put-together outfit with dress pants and boots. Layer them up over t-shirts or under jackets for added warmth.

Where to wear

Flannel shirts are versatile and can be worn in various settings, from casual gatherings to outdoor activities and even in the workplace.

4. Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are light and airy clothes crafted from flax fibers. They’re cozy for hot days and have a natural, textured appearance.

How to style

Linen shirts are perfect for warm weather and look great in shorts, chinos, or jeans. Try rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with loafer shoes for a relaxed yet stylish look.

Where to wear

Linen shirts are perfect for warm weather and casual occasions. They are great for beach trips, picnics, and outdoor events.

5. Mandarin Collar Shirt

A Mandarin collar shirt is a type of shirt characterized by a short, stand-up collar that is typically found in traditional Chinese attire. It is a stylish and versatile option for men.

How to style

Pair your Mandarin collar shirt with slim-fit pants, jeans, or blazers for a modern and chic look. Add a statement accessory or belt to elevate your outfit. Keep it simple and balanced.

Where to wear

Mandarin collar shirts are versatile and can be worn for casual and formal events. Pair them with jeans or dress pants for a stylish look.

6. Cuban Collar Shirt

The Cuban collar shirt is a contemporary and cozy summer option for casual and dressy occasions. Its open collar and short sleeves make it ideal for warm weather.

How to style

To style a Cuban collar shirt, pair it with chinos or denim shorts for a casual look. For a more formal look, opt for dress pants and loafers. Accessorize with sunglasses or a watch.

Where to wear

Cuban collar shirts are perfect for a relaxed and casual look. Wear them to beach parties, barbecues, or any outdoor summer event.

7. Striped Pattern Shirt

Striped Pattern Shirt For Men

Are you looking for a stylish and versatile addition to your wardrobe? Consider a striped pattern shirt! With classic colors and timeless design, it can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

How to style

Style a striped pattern shirt with solid color pants or shorts and accessories such as a watch or a belt. Keep the color palette simple and avoid mixing too many patterns.

Where to wear

A striped pattern shirt can be worn to formal and casual events, depending on the style and color of the stripes.

8. Checked Shirts

Checked shirts are a popular style with a pattern of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. They can be worn for casual and formal occasions and come in various colors and designs.

How to style

Checked shirts are a versatile wardrobe staple. Pair them up with a blazer or with jeans for a casual look. Experiment with diverse patterns and colors to make a striking style.

Where to wear

Wear the checked shirts casually with jeans or dress up with slacks for a more formal look. They’re versatile and always stylish.

To Conclude

When it comes to dressing up for formal or casual events, a dress shirt or a button-down shirt can be a versatile piece of clothing for men and women alike. Knowing how to style a dress shirt and wear a button-down shirt can help you create a polished and put-together look with formal suits your style and the occasion. Whether you prefer a classic or a trendy outfit, these shirt styles can be paired with various clothing items and accessories to make a striking and chic look that echoes your personality and fashion sanity.

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