There are times when you step out to buy a suit but aren’t presented with a lot of options. Most of the formal suits for men that you buy off the rack have similar styles and patterns. In order to avoid the cookie-cutter style frame, it is essential to know different types of formal suits for men so that you can make the right choice. Here are some of the most commonly available but unique styles of formal suit for men that you should look out for. 

Single-Breasted Suit: If you are someone who has broad shoulders and a wide waist, then a formal single-breasted suit for men is the right choice for you. With a single-breasted suit, you have more variety in terms of the fabric’s colours, patterns, and textures. And jackets of these suits can be effortlessly styled with any other outfit for a formal or casual occasion. 

Unstructured Blazer: If you are someone who has never owned a formal suit for men, then buying an unstructured blazer is the right start for you. This is a classy style that has a casual feel to it. And makes it the best office look when worn with matching trousers and a contrasting shirt. 

Single Vent Suit: When buying a formal suit for men, you must keep the three types of jacket vents in mind. The double vent or a no vent jacket is the most common, but you should look out for the single vent jackets as they look very chic. With this type of suit, you can nail any look and appear to be more posh and rich.

Double Breasted Suit: A bit similar yet very much different from the single-breasted suit, the double-breasted style of coat has stayed in style as a retro piece. This type of formal suit for men has its own unique style. It has a unique cut than the rest of the types, which makes you stand out from the crowd. So if you are someone who likes to make fashion statements, then this is the right fit for you. In addition, they tend to accentuate the look of your torso, giving it a slimmer illusion. 

Notch Lapel Suit: This formal suit for men is distinguished by the caller of the jacket, which is known as the lapel. So there are three major categories for the lapels: the peak lapel, shawl lapel, and notch lapel, out of which the notch lapel is the most commonly manufactured one. These folded flaps of cloth make the suit more appealing, and you can decide the whole look by choosing the right type of lapel for you.

With all these options for buying a formal suit for men, you cannot get confused and choose the wrong one. The key to remember is that a suit should look flattering no matter what body type or height you have. It is up to the buyer or the stylist to try different permutations and combinations to understand what works for the individual.