Fashion in Formals has various aspects which can make you look different from others so one must follow some dress codes and styles to stand out in the crowd.

Colour Combinations and Styling

 Formal dress code or a formal wear is an attire worn on an Official Occasion like Conferences, Meetings, Weddings, etc., There are a few colours that will suit the formal dress code such as blue and brown in terms of a shirt and trouser that will eventually make you look smart; when we look at a bright blue blazer with a white shirt which will perfectly go with a lighter shade of beige pant and here is a ready to go Office attire; when we look at grey in formals whether it is for men or women, it stands out in the crowd out there and commands attention; Sky blue shirt and Mustard pant together looks very classy and it gives very powerful look; light grey styled with a lovely red shirthaving a classic formal pattern looks very good; as you know there are multiple shades of grey which looks fantabulous in formals so we can match it with a baby pink colourwhich gives a very attractive look; dark green with a shade of brown gives a luxurious look in any formal event; a brown tie with a white and black tiny checks shirt and a wine colour suit will give you an unforgettable look which will be unique for others out there; white and black is the most worn colour in formals and that gives a superb look but I think you should try out all the varieties and explore different colours in a formal wear.

A formal look in most of the events or occasions’ commands attention and that is something everyone wants, a dress code which seeks attention and a dress code which commands attention has a huge difference. Seeking attention is getting people’s attention when you are wearing clothes or anything which is noticeable and weird and that is something which spoils your impression, wherein the dress code which commands attention is essentially earning attention because you are worth that attention.

Dressing Sense

When we look at a Formal dress code, one should wear a dress which suits their personality and according to their body structure. One should maintain their body by eating healthy food to stay fit because if you are fit then all the types of formal dresses will make you look smart and eventually that will boost your Confidence in front of everyone.

When you are dressing up, you should keep one thing in mind that your dress should be matching with all your accessories and shoes. As mentioned above, if you go with all thosecolour combinations then that will make you look like a Masterpiece between the crowd. A crowd should look at you with Respect and their reaction should be like, “WOW! What an Amazing Look!”

You should Imagine yourself in a particular clothing whenever you go for shopping because that imagination will help you see yourself in Formals and if you feel that is perfect for you then go ahead with that.

Types of Clothes

When we look at the types of Clothes in Formals, we have different types for both Men as well as Women i.e., for Men we have Shirt, Blazer and Pant; for Women we have Skirt, Top, Pant, Shirt and Blazer and with the help of these limited options if we choose a perfect colour and a formal outfit that suits our body, that is called Fashion. We can also follow the Colour Combinations mentioned above for both Men as well as Women. There are a few brands which you can go for while you go shopping for your formal wear such as Zodiac, Louis Philippe, Brooks and Brothers and Van Heusen.

This is how Fashion is built in Formal Wear and if you want to look Smart and Confident then you must follow certain kinds of colour combinations and dressing sense.

~Muskaan Valecha

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