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Sandler will be at IDEA in the Year 2022

Published: January 28, 2022
This solution is a new one for maintaining proper hygiene and using wipes and the automotive industry to be revealed At the imminent IDEA nonwovens show in Miami (March 28-31), Sandler will showcase a number of new products combining functionality with resource savings.

In hygiene applications, currently used diaper structures provide for high comfort in use, as well as an optimized fit, but their acquisition and distribution layers (ADLs) and core wrapping are still independent layers not thoroughly connected to the core material.  This can result in reduced fluid handling and the potential for leakage.

Sandler’s next-generation ADL combines the core cover in a single-layer material and its new fluid handling concept closes any gaps between the functional layers and the absorbent core to ensure optimum fluid management, whatever the size, shape, or form of the absorbent core.

Providing outstanding interim storage capability due to improved capillarity, the new ADL can be made entirely without thermoplastic polymers.

The company is also now employing a wide variety of natural fibers or those based on renewable sources in wipes substrates, using processes that are up to 50% less energy and resource-intensive than conventional methods. The nonwovens are said to feature similar or even improved softness as well as higher thickness at similar basis weights and bonding levels.

Single-material solutions have meanwhile been pursued by the automotive industry for a long time and have now expanded to molded exterior parts, such as underside panels, engine compartment shieldings, and damping trays. Sandler has developed a 100% PET material for such applications made of up to 80% recycled PET and with no binders or additional reinforcement fibers, to achieve significant weight reductions. The porous structure of the material provides excellent sound absorption and by customizing the fiber structure and the three-dimensional shape of the component, performance can be further optimized to specific applications. The material is also not susceptible to mold and fungi and extremely resistant to all common engine compartment fluids while offering high structural rigidity and temperature stability.

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