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Nilit aims to improve its manufacturing footprint

Published: September 11, 2020
Author: Rishika Keyal

Manufacturer of nylon 6.6 for apparel, Nilit, has been acknowledged for the company’s sustainable initiatives.

Nilit aims to improve its manufacturing footprint, introduce responsible products and support its communities globally.

Ilan Melamed, Nilit’s general manager, said in a statement: “For 50 years, Nilit has been guided by a strict ethics code that defines how our company interacts with customers, global and local brands, business partners, employees, and the environment.

“We are pleased to be recognised for our most recent sustainability achievements that support our long-standing goal of influencing the apparel world to use more sustainable products in more responsible ways.”

Nilit was included in the Sourcing Journal’s ‘Sustaining Voices’ recognition program, which recognises the apparel industry’s innovative thinking. It was also acknowledged in the ‘Emissions Reduction’ category, along with fashion brands Gucci and Maersk, as it aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent and eliminate all toxic gases.

“Conscious consumers want to know that they are buying high quality, long-lasting sustainable fabrics that are made with respect for people and the planet.

“Our Sensil portfolio offers that reassurance along with the performance, fashion, comfort, and well-being benefits that these consumers also expect from their premium apparel,” said Sagee Aran, head of global marketing.

Nilit is currently working on creating environmentally responsible products for the ‘Sensil’ collection of yarns and fabrics that will address biodegradability, pollution elimination, recycled inputs and resource convention.

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