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Minimalism revival – Jil Sander X Uniqlo

Published: August 27, 2020
Author: Priyanka

German designer Jil Sander will release a new collection for men and women under +J, a line that Japan-based retailer Uniqlo produced from 2009 to 2011.

Uniqlo +J 2020 FALL/WINTER Collection Arriving Fall 2020 - Dealmoon

This resurrected collaboration will bring Sander’s unmatched minimalism to the masses at the most necessary time. Offering sleek basics, it will find shoppers who long for the comforts of luxurious minimalism. This collection is dynamic and outstanding, and can disarmingly and effortlessly describe the global new uniform.

Sander’s first project with Uniqlo, had more than enough outerwear, boxy peacoats, belted trenches, and blazers of simple design, as well as such Jil Sander essentials as white shirts, black pants, and elegant, unfussy knits.

Amidst the Great Recession in 2009, +J collection was an accurate reflection of the times. It is still luxurious in design, and something that shoppers will naturally gravitate towards in the midst of a pandemic. Essential, elegant, affordable clothing that is built to last.


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