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Lawsuit filed against the New York based plagiarist – Kaitlyn Pan Group

Published: June 19, 2020
Author: munimji

E-commerce mammoth Amazon Inc announces that it has jointly filed a lawsuit with Italian luxury brand Valentino against New York-based Kaitlyn Pan Group, LLC and New York resident Hao Pan for faking the Valentino’s premier Valentino Garavani Rockstud Shoes and offering the product for sale on its own website and which is in violation with Amazon’s policies and Valentino’s intellectual property rights.

Amazon said it shut down Kaitlyn Pan’s seller account in September 2019. Despite multiple notices of infringement and a cease and desist order, Kaitlyn Pan continues to import, distribute, sell, and offer infringing products online. Kaitlyn Pan further attempted to apply for a US trademark for its infringing Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoes, flagrantly and willfully disregarding Valentino’s intellectual property.

In line with Amazon’s past joint litigation, Valentino will receive any proceeds from this suit. Amazon said it strictly prohibits counterfeit products and, in 2019 alone, invested more than 500 USD million and had more than 8,000 employees protecting its store from fraud and abuse, including counterfeiting and IP infringing products.

As a result of its efforts, 99.9 percent of all products viewed by customers on Amazon has not received a valid counterfeit complaint, Amazon said in a statement. (DPA).

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