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Finance ministry warns the states to ensure safety of bankers

Published: July 9, 2020
Author: munimji

Due to the recent incidents of attack on bankers and some parts of the country, the Finance Ministry has urged the states to ensure the safety and security of bank officials against the malefactor.

Last month, a woman bank employee in Canara Bank (erstwhile Syndicate Bank) was attacked by a police constable at its Saroli branch in Surat. Following the incident, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had assured that the safety of all members of staff in banks is of importance.

“Amid challenges, banks are extending all services to our people. Nothing should threaten their safety and dignity,” she had said.

Few incidents, including an attack on Bank of India staff in Maharashtra, were reported after the Surat attack.

Citing recent news reports and social media coverage, the letter said it has highlighted instances of anti-social elements behaving in an unruly manner with bankers within bank premises.

Securing the availability of banking services to the public at all times is essential for households to meet their expenses and access benefits through DBT and for traders, farmers industries, etc to carry on economic activities.

Delivery of essentials services including banking is all the more important in the present context of the COVID-10 pandemic, it emphasized.

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