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Partnerships Between CCI And TEXPROCIL For Branding, Tracebility and Certification

Published: February 6, 2023

The Cotton Co-operation of India and the Textile industry have collaborated with each other to ensure the cotton farmers are getting their dues on time or not.

The  collaboration will be enough for the encouraging the industry to work on responsibility, tracebility and Certification and also Branding of the industry. A share of Rs.15 crore will be contributed equal in a span of time between 2022-23 and from 2024-25. Accordingly, mechanism will be provided to complete the tracebility of the cotton from origin. There will be QR based certification technology will be provided for the enhancement.

There is also a MoU signed which address the tracebility, certification and branding with the objectives of the entire map of the value chain .

  1. Certification

This provides registration and transaction certificate which will use the QR code and the technology which will validate the KASTURI COTTON MILLS at every possible stage. There is a supply chain which will be provided from the Apex committee

2. Tracebility

This provides original information for the cotton and its Indian origin. A tracebility of Block chain based software and integrate existing and available trace technologies such as  Geo Tagging and DNA are already providing end to end tracing solutions.

3. Branding

As the name suggests, this stage helps in promoting the KASTURI cotton India in the form of a premium brand. This enhances the international perception and the overall value of the Indian cotton. This will help in showcasing KASTURI Cotton India as a reliable product in domestic as well as international market. The textile minister aims to utlise the PM’s vision of 5F farm to fiber to Fabric to Fashion To Foreign.

In order to attain the objectives of building a cotton, India has become Aatmanirbhar by promoting and being vocal for local with respect to “KASTURI Cotton India” on the even of World Cotton Day on 7th October with an Indian cotton being endowed and being represented with the whiteness, softness, purity, luster and Indianess.

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