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Setral Lubricants At The Textile Industry At ITMA Special lubricants’ effects

Published: March 15, 2023

It makes sense to think about how lubricants affect your productivity because there are specialised lubricants available that reduce energy input by having a low coefficient of friction and ensuring a long service life for the moving parts, resulting in production that is competitive and resource-conscious. This has an immediate impact on your carbon footprint. Additionally, a thorough examination of the marginal cost of lubricants reveals that it has an impact on productivity. ideally formulated specialty lubricants

What distinguishes a lubricant from others so that it might increase productivity?

Particular lubricants are rigorously examined in the lab for qualities that are crucial to their eventual application. This process yields a very well-balanced formulation for the completed product at the end of the development. product.

Oils for needles and sinkers that comply with DIN 62136

Vibrations, friction, and problems with various materials’ compatibility, including with electronics, provide difficulties for needle and sinker oils. Also, the lubricant should be easy to wash off with regular detergents or at the very least, should not leave stains on expensive textiles.

The FLUID-setral-KN… N series’ well-balanced combination of clear oils and additives yields a colourless, scourable, anti-wear needle and sinker oil. The lubricant series is available in ISO VG 22, 32, and 46 and has been tested in accordance with DIN 62136-1:2014-03. Optimal energy intake is made possible by a low coefficient of friction without losing wear resistance. They did exceptionally well in the tribology test using the translatory oscillating test rig for wear and coefficient of friction (SRV). . A well-known needle maker, Groz-Beckert®, has verified the washability. and the the’s’s’santo’s and the Other lubricating points may be of importance for a dependable and resource-conscious manufacturing, depending on which sector of the textile industry you represent. Use of a high-temperature chain oil in the drying oven is important for the finishing of textiles in stenter frames. In terms of lubricated bearings, either general-purpose grease or specialised high-temperature grease is needed in cases of intense heat.

In general, high-quality synthetic gear, compressor, and hydraulic oils boost productivity through lengthy intervals between oil changes, reduced maintenance requirements, little oil waste, and, of course, dependable performance.

Learn about the setral® product line’s unique lubricants for the textile sector. Beyond the In addition to the items already stated, it also comprises corrosion protection, pastes, fine oils, and bonded coatings. At setral®, thorough consultation is always the priority prior to the usage of specialty lubricants. Setral® lubricants are readily available on site and are used in more than 80 countries. Setral® is a certified climate positive business. Contact the lubricant specialists or come see us from June 8 through June 14 at the ITMA in Milan, Italy, for the greatest efficiency of your textile machine with lower energy input, low carbon footprint, long equipment lifetime, minimal downtime, and/or prolonged relubrication intervals.

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