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Stop Making Mistakes With Jewellery Looks and Elevate Your Fashion Game

Published: June 9, 2022

Wearing jewellery is the go-to method to elevate the style quotient. While most of the time jewellery is considered to be a mus-have accessory, it can often make or break your style. One of the basic rules of styling your look with jewellery is to keep it in accordance with the outfit. If you are wearing a modern look, which comprises western outfits, make sure you wear contemporary jewellery. And if you are wearing a traditional outfit, like a silk saree, go for traditional jewellery pieces. Let us take a look at some essential tips on how to style your jewellery to accentuate your outfits.

The occasion

If you are going to your workplace, it is advised that you wear minimalistic jewellery pieces. This way, you can style your look and make a fashion statement without being too loud about it. For weddings or parties, you can go for more experimental choices.

Balance your look

With the variety of jewellery available in the market, one can often fall for the urge of buying pieces that may not suit you. Go for jewellery pieces that suit your face type. If you are petite or have a small face, go for small to medium-sized jewellery pieces. Always try to balance out the look. If you are wearing a heavy necklace with stone work, make sure you go for small-sized earrings, and vice versa. With a pair of big statement earrings, you can ditch the rest of the jewellery pieces.

Do not go overboard

You do not have to wear bangles, wristwatches and bracelets in one go. Having a diverse collection of jewellery does not mean you have to display it all in one go. Smart layering and minimalism is the way to ace your jewellery styling. If your outfit is itself comprising several elements, you do not have to go heavy with jewellery. Similarly, a bland outfit like a simple t-shirt and jeans can be elevated with a pair of chunky bracelets and hoops.

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