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Z-Wire: Outstanding web forming at high speeds 

Published: November 30, 2023

Speed is exciting – but it can be challenging too. In nonwovens production, for example, hydroentangling lines can hit production speeds of up to 300 m/min at the winder. That  creates difficulties for carding and web forming. Now, innovators at Trützschler Card  Clothing have created the solution to this high-speed problem. It’s called Z-Wire… 

Every company in every industry is constantly pushing for more efficiency and productivity. For  nonwoven textile producers, that means high-speed production lines that achieve excellent quality  within a faster timeframe. Trützschler’ s Z-Wire clothing for worker, stripper and doffer rollers  empowers our customers to move forward with their ambitions for speed, efficiency and quality.  It has serrated contours to make sure fibers are continuously held in position, even at high  production speeds. The fibers are then released at exactly the right moment to be transferred and  orientated. This controlled transfer from roll to roll enables uniform web formation, while fiber fly  is minimized, the risk of fiber migration is reduced and the operational reliability of the line  increases.

These advantages make the Z-Wire the perfect fit for Trützschler Nonwoven´s NCT. The  optimized interaction between machine and clothing enables maximum performance from high speed cards. As a result, the Z-Wire is now successfully established on the market worldwide. 

Feedback from our customers 

Our customer TWE has shared direct feedback about how the Z-Wire performs in real-world  production situations. TWE was founded in 1912 and is a proven specialist in innovative  nonwovens solutions worldwide. The company processes a wide range of fibers such as viscose,  polyester and polypropylene in fineness of 1.7 – 17 dtex. It has an annual fiber throughput of 1.85  million kilograms. TWE uses the Trützschler Z-Wire at its site in Emsdetten, Germany. 

“We use the ZDAB2 wire for worker and stripper rollers on several plants – and we are completely  satisfied,” says TWE Head of Production Andreas Wolbring. “We achieve higher production  speeds compared to the standard wires. The worker rollers, for example, operate at a production  speed of 200 m/min. There is also less contamination because there are no grooves on the sides.  Since we started using Z-wires, our production has become much more efficient.” 

                                                               Andreas Wolbring, Head of Production TWE

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About Trützschler:  

The Trützschler Group SE is a German textile machinery manufacturer headquartered in  Mönchengladbach, Germany. The company is divided into four business units: Spinning,  Nonwovens, Man-Made Fibers, and Card Clothing. Trützschler machines, installations and accessories are produced and developed in ten locations worldwide. This includes four factories  in Germany (Dülmen, Egelsbach, Mönchengladbach, Neubulach), as well as sites in China  (Jiaxing and Shanghai), India (Ahmedabad), the USA (Charlotte), Brazil (Curitiba) and  Switzerland (Winterthur). Service companies in Turkey, Mexico, Uzbekistan and Vietnam and  service centers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia provide customer proximity in key regions  for the textile processing industry. For more information visit: 

The subsidiary Trützschler Card Clothing in Neubulach is the global market leader in the  production of high-performance card clothing for cards and roller cards that are used in the  international textile machinery industry. Worldwide, more than 350 employees work for the  Trützschler Group’s Card Clothing division, including 150 employees in Germany. With this  expansion, the number of employees in Neubulach will significantly increase. This opens up new  opportunities for young people looking for an apprenticeship. In the coming years, Trützschler  Card Clothing will hire apprentices for roles including industrial mechanic specializing in  production technology, industrial clerk and warehouse logistics specialist. 

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