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Published: January 23, 2020

Wool Research Association conducted five days faculty orientation, training and development programme for National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) from 30th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020.  Ten faculties comprising of Assistant and Associate Professors from different centres such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kannur and Mumbai participated in this five day’s event. Two M. Tech. and two M. Sc. students from Department of Fibres & Textile Processing Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga also attended the sessions.  The training was broadly divided into five days 1st day covered Wet Processing of Textiles, 2nd day Colour Physics and Thermo physiological comfort properties, 3rd day Physical and Ecological testing of sportswear followed by further two days training on warp Knitting Technology, on Raschel and Tricot knitting machines.

Day 1 began with Inaugural session conducted by Dr Mrinal Choudhari, Joint Director , WRA welcomed faculties of NIFT followed by their introduction. In first Technical session Ms. Smita Bait, Asstt. Director delivered presentation on Pretreatment of Textiles.  She gave detailed information about the processes, testing, advance technology and low effluent producing chemicals.  After the technical presentation demonstration and training on laboratory instruments and machines were given.

Post lunch session Mr. Nilesh Kanagoo, Director, Uttar Techno Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. delivered a lecture on Finishing of Textiles. He gave detailed information about importance of finishing, different types of finishes and explained in detailed how finishing increase the aesthetic look of fabric along with functional properties of the fabric.

After tea break Ms. Smita Bait also delivered a lecture on dyeing of textiles. She spoke about the dyes and their developments and also about the advancement in use of applications.

Day 2: Technical session began with eminent speaker Mr. Dakshesh Desai, Vice President- Business Development, Sohan Dye-Chem Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. He delivered a lecture on Colour Physics and Computer Colour Matching. He explained about the systems used in colour matching, the various factors playing important role in colour matching, application and the importance of it in market.

Mr. Shishir Tyagi, Assistant Director explained and demonstrated about Sweating thermal Manikin and sweating hot guard plate. He gave detailed information about how thermoregulation of a body is important in different weather conditions.

Post lunch technical session began with Mr. Dakshesh Desai’s lecture on “Objective measurement of comfort properties”. He gave detailed information about the importance of comfort properties and various parameters related to it and machines available for testing these parameters.

In practical demonstration and training Ms. Seema Patel, Joint Director, Testing explained about all the modules of Kawabata evaluation system and Moisture Management tester. She also explained other testing parameters related to performance of sportswears. Mr. Mayur Basuk, Assistant Director demonstrated the infrared camera and explained in detailed about its working.

Day 3: Day began with laboratory visits, during Eco laboratory visit various instruments like Particle size analyser , HPLC, Gas chromatography , Atomic absorption spectroscopy , Inductive coupling plasma (ICP) etc were shown and their applications and uses were covered. During visit to Physical testing lab various testing like instruments tensile strength, tear strength, bursting strength, water repellency were shown and explained in detailed.

Post lunch Mr. Sumit Gupta, Deputy Director GOTS and representative of India and Bangladesh, had delivered a lecture on Eco Concern and Sustainability in Sportech Sector. He gave detailed information about the GOTS and explained how important role it is playing to maintain sustainability in textiles sector.  He explained in detailed about GOTS certifications in textiles.

There was another lecture by Mr. Mohnish Hasrajani from BASF, Sports and Leisure Performance Materials, on TPU coating solutions for sport textiles. He explained about the processing, properties and applications of TPU and new avenues in textile sector.

Day 4: Technical session began with eminent speaker Mr. Shrilesh Trilokekar, Retired Textile Technologist; he spoke about Warp knitting technology. He gave detailed information about the types of warp knitting, the machineries’ used and developments done using these machines.

Post lunch practical demonstrations were conducted in pilot plant on RASCHEL and TRICOT knitting machine. The detailed information about these machines parameters such as speed, production rate was shown and shared. Also it was demonstrated how certain change in parameters can affect the construction of fabric.

Day 5: on last dayTechnical session began with eminent speaker Mr. Manish Mashilkar Manager-Sales A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Mumbai India.  Mr. Mashilkar spoke about the warp knitting machine. The session was informative and useful. Also he showed many samples which were developed on Karl Mayer machine.

Mr. Devvert Ruhela gave lecture on sample analysis and designing of Comez Draw software. He demonstrated how designing of knits on software makes it easier to reciprocate on machine during production.

Training session ended by Valedictory function, Dr. MD.S. Rahaman, Director, Wool Research Association presented Memento’s to all participants from NIFT. Mr. K.K. Misra, COO, Wool Research Association, presented certificates to all the participants of NIFT.  Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Mrinal Choudhari.

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