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US’ Sensoria introduces first wearable tele-rehabilitation platform

Published: January 28, 2023
Author: TVC Editorial

US-based Sensoria Health, a developer of tele-rehab remote patient monitoring wearable solutions, has introduced the first truly wearable tele-rehabilitation platform. Sensoria offers a patient-centric, multi-device mobile and cloud software tele-rehab system that makes it easy and efficient for physical therapists and clinicians to remotely monitor the most common conditions in their patient population.
Sensoria’s tele-rehab cloud system, mobile apps for patients, and Sensoria Core microelectronic device enable each of the six available solutions in the Sensoria family, according to a press release by Sensoria Health. They include the Sensoria Smart Mat for wheelchair users, Smart Socks for movement disorders, Smart Knee Brace for knee rehab, Foot Defender Powered by Sensoria for diabetic foot ulceration offloading and activity monitoring, Respiration Rate Monitoring and Smart Stethoscope for long COVID, and NeurOpTrek for Risk of Fall (ROF) assessment.
The one comprehensive tele-rehab platform allows clinicians to remotely monitor a patient’s rehab journey and tackles some of the most challenging health concerns and those which cost the most money to treat effectively.
“In a post pandemic world, it is more important than ever to enable clinicians to serve patients both in person and remotely. Each one of Sensoria’s wearable tele-rehab solutions delivers sensor driven, quantified patient data combined with self-reported data to the physical therapist. It provides near real-time behavioural feedback to the patient and an easy-to-use clinician dashboard that monitors each personalised patient rehab journey remotely, improving outcomes while creating a new revenue stream for the clinician’s practice,” said Davide Vigano, cofounder and CEO of Sensoria Health Inc.
Sensoria Health’s CEO, Davide Vigano, presented a symposium on ‘Wearable Technology Applications for the Field of Limb Loss Rehabilitation and Limb Preservation’ with Dr. Jeff Rankin, acting director, Pathokinesiology Lab at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (Los Angeles, CA) during ACRM.
The following Sensoria solutions are available at ACRM in Sensoria booth 501. Foot Defender+ powered by Sensoria is a diabetic foot ulcer offloading and patient monitoring system. Sensoria Mat offers pressure relief monitoring and prevention of ulceration for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients and wheelchair users.
NeurOpTrek is a smart socks ROF assessment system. NeurOpTrek recently won an award at the American Academy of Optometry Foundation (AAOF) inaugural Bright Ideas 2022 Pitch Competition in San Diego. Sensoria Kinesiology SDK provides highly accurate data for reporting and analysis of human kinetics.
At the booth, GRD is offering a demo of the Ascend Powered by Sensoria Smart Knee Brace prototype. There will be an ACRM poster presentation with the University of Alberta titled ‘Virtual Care Assessment of Respiration for Patients with Long COVID.’
All Sensoria solutions, together with the kinesiology research-focused Sensoria Developer Kit, are being showcased at the Sensoria ACRM booth 501 at the ACRM 99th Annual Progress in Rehabilitation Show in Chicago, Illinois.

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