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In Japanese Market With Uenoyama Kiko And ITOCHU SysTech Enters The Twine Solutions

Published: January 20, 2022
Twine Solutions has partnered with Uenoyama Kiko and ITOCHU SysTech to foray into the Japanese market. Founded in 1923 Uenoyama Kiko has a rich history and loyal customer base in the Japanese textile space and brings many years of innovation to the market. Andy Yarrow, Regional Sales Manager for Twine Solutions in the Asia Pacific said; “Uenoyama Kiko is the perfect partner for us in Japan, a market so focused on quality and excellence. What Uenoyama Kiko brings to us is not only the experience and loyal customer base built over many years of doing business, but also vast experience working with Israeli technology companies”.
 At the same time, Uenoyama Kiko and ITOCHU SysTech Corporation have reached an agreement to distribute Twine products in Japan. Headquartered in Osaka, ITOCHU SysTech was founded in 1969 and specializes in sales of textile machinery and has subsidiaries/affiliates in Taiwan, China, Pakistan, USA. Eiji Uenoyama?, Managing Director said, “We are very pleased to bring this breakthrough technology to Japan, a market very focused on sustainability and technological advancement. Twine brings us very exciting opportunities to really change the textile industry in Japan”.
The Japanese market is a fertile ground for opportunities revolving around innovation, speed, and sustainability, and for understanding the inevitable change that Twine’s digital thread and yarn dyeing technology is bringing to the textile industry.

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