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Textile Printing technology help in easily manufacturing face masks

Published: August 6, 2020
Author: pprvallv

As the global pandemic crisis has grown, the print industry has burst into practice, leveraging resources set aside by decreasing demand for first-line staff and ordinary people to manufacture personal protective equipment ( PPE).  That covers face masks which have become big business. Learn about one instance of how a manufacturer has given the equipment to create such life-saving masks simpler to manufacture.

The health concern at COVID-19 has provided a major marketing market for the innovative supplier of physical print services. The HP Knowledge Center offers the requisite software and product parameters for fast development by utilizing the modern print technology of the HP Stitch’s dye-sublimation.

A New Technology for dynamic production

In 2020, rewind and update everything you had intended for print output. Supply chains around the globe are strained beyond their limits and shipments for the near future are delayed, canceled or frozen. Yet the print-service supplier has fresh prospects.

Since the situation has grown, the print industry has sprung into motion, exchanging orders for spring retail and merchandising or public gatherings with those for PPE safe and social distance signs, such as flooring logos, displays, and other point of sale merchandising.

Millions of face masks are required today, and the print community’s ingenuity and adaptability are centered to satisfy this need. New items may be produced and manufactured using a digital process in a fraction of the time it would take to set up a traditional order.

HP and their Knowledge Center, providing a basic and extremely flexible web-to-print program, were swift to provide the tools required to do just that.

Protective face masks can be designed, modified, and produced in minutes using a suite of software and product details available for download online, and then printed with the HP Stitch dye-sublimation printer.

Without digital printing technologies it will not be feasible to push significantly into product customisation at scale. This digitization of the supply chain and the print workflow enables producers to take advantage of an unparalleled ability and re-center production.Armed with an array of technology capable of digitally, physically and immediately producing innovative products, the HP software facilitates electronic customisation, personalization and streamlined development.


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