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Textile Industry Adopts Digital Printing

Published: October 26, 2023

Textile processing units in Ahmedabad have been facing a significant decline in order volumes for almost a year, leading to their operations running at only 60% capacity. This challenging situation can be attributed to high input costs and limited orders. However, these units have recently started embracing innovative technologies to navigate through this tough period.

Naresh Sharma, the former VP of the Ahmedabad Textile Processors’ Association, highlighted the impact of cotton price volatility on the entire value chain, which has made traders hesitant to hold significant inventories.

Consequently, fewer orders are being placed. Reflecting a shift in strategy, approximately 50 process houses have either purchased or ordered digital machines in the past three months. These imported machines, costing between Rs 45 lakh and Rs 2.50 crore, have the capability to print even small orders of 4,000m.

Pioneering this adoption of digital printing technology, P R Kankariya, the chairman of Anupam Creation Pvt Ltd in Narol, recalled installing the first digital printing machine in Ahmedabad five years ago. The machine’s ability to deliver enhanced quality results, important for the export market, has prompted more companies to embrace this technology.

Aniket Agrawal, director of Prem Process House, emphasized the importance of adopting new technology in response to rapidly changing fashion trends and intense competition within the market.

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