Last year, Pakistan had a record growth in exports, which helped to alleviate strain on foreign reserves.
According to a State Bank study, the textile sector was critical in exceeding the $25 billion export objective. The textile industry increased by 21 percent. Textile exports accounted for $13 billion last year, and have already risen to $15.5 billion.
According to the study, Style Textile was one of the top three exporters, with $428 million, Interloop with $35 million, and Artistic Milliners with $330 million. It is worth noting that Artistic Milliners is Pakistan’s leading exporter of denim jeans.
According to analysts, the dispute between the United States and China had a significant influence in encouraging exports in the region. To fulfil the demand, mills in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Singapore are now operating at full capacity.
However, clients are increasingly looking forward to visiting Pakistan. As a result, there is a need to develop a business-friendly strategy for exporters with the approval of all stakeholders in order to attract prospective importers.