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Sustainable Vegan leather for Home Textile

Published: September 8, 2020
Author: Rashmi27

Sustainability, traceability are key drivers for the brand

London – Sustainable accessories brand Oliver Co. is using apples and wood to create vegan leather for its line.
Matt Oliver Established in 2017, Oliver Co. manufactures apple leather and wood leather wallets, cardholders, and passport cases. According to the company’s website, the apple leather is a 50/50 blend of apple waste and polyurethane, covered on a cotton and polyester sheet. The apple waste originates in one of Italy’s largest apple-producing regions in the world.
Sustainable Leather

Sustainable Vegan made by using apple

Micro laser etching is used to create fake wood leather which is then cut into thin sheets of wood. So that wood is assembled and sewn similarly as leather. The grain makes every product unique, and the wood produces a long-lasting textile.This wood comes from FSC-approved forests that guarantee the traceability of the raw material.

Oliver is a member of The Sustainable Perspective. This is a non-profit organization that helps small businesses communicate with suppliers of fabrics. That have a sustainable and low environmental impact.
There is often a belief that there is compromise when it comes to sustainable design and an expectation to give up premium aesthetics or functionality. It is their goal to change people’s expectations. We want to develop stylish, highly functional goods for today’s world by using innovative new sustainable fabrics and collaborating with high-end producers.
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