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Survival Of Handicrafts And Handloom Amid The Pandemic

Published: November 9, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

At a time when every industry is focusing on restructuring to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, craft and textile industry, one of the worst hit sectors due to COVID-19, is still trying to find its ways towards revival. To discuss the impact of the pandemic on craft and textile sector and how government can help, some experts who have worked over years in craft and textile, came together for a virtual session on the topic, ‘Recrafting and Tailoring Artisanal Practices for a New Digital Economy’. Fashion designer Ritu Kumar and handicrafts curator Jaya Jaitly were also a part of discussion.

Talking about what is needed for Indian handloom and handicraft sector at present, Ritu Kumar said, “We have in India the second largest industry in the world in textiles. We have to look at our own country first, that should be the only thing we should be looking at and encouraging whatever areas are not being encouraged. The other thing is handlooms and handicraft are going to remain bespoke. They are going to be copied by every machinery there is at the moment. China is exporting the Banaras silk saris and selling them for peanuts, what we have to do is ask the government to stop that. If we have to copy our designs, let us do it ourselves, that would be one good way of saving a lot of our industries. The second is that if it is handmade, it has to be premium and there are enough people in this country who would pay for this.”

Fashion designer Ritu Kumar and handicrafts curator Jaya Jaitly were a part of discussion on ‘Recrafting and Tailoring Artisanal Practices for a New Digital Economy’

Reference:Kaushik, D. (2020, November 6). Experts from craft and textile industry discuss the survival of handicrafts and handloom amid the pandemic – Times of India. The Times of India.

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