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Pigment.Inc launches a new desktop fully automatic shirt folder, the PTM Innovations T-Fold for under €2990.

Published: April 15, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Folding and bagging shirts is a real hassle, the time and labour required has been the Achilles heel of anyone involved in the production or decorating of garments like t-shirts, until now.

Auto folding machines currently in the market can cost in excess of $20,000 and up to $80,000 in some cases which is why they are generally not the machinery of choice for most. A realistically priced auto folder with bag inflation that is all electrically driven in a desktop size, may be just the answer that Embroidery, DTG, Screen Printers, Retailers and general garment manufacturers and distributors have been waiting for.

The T-Fold delivers amazing convenience and workflow improvements, its low price point of just €2990 makes it a real problem solver and will literally save €1000’s in operating and labour costs per year. Its industrial design allows for millions of actuations per year, so a 2-year warranty is standard with the PTM T-Fold. It’s amazingly productive at just 4 seconds to fold and present the shirt ready for bagging. This equates to 350 to 550 shirts per hour with one operator, depending on the fold cycle selected.

“SML to XXL including long sleeve and collared shirts are no problem as well as thicker items like Hoodies. Being all electric the T-Fold can be run from a standard wall plug with no air requirement. The T-Fold is portable yet still industrial. We see many uses for the PTM T-Fold where multiple machines can be placed in line with finishing equipment to speed up the completed production cycle. Whether folding a few dozen or thousands, a professionally bagged and well folded shirt adds value to your image and professionalism”, According to Marco Koolbergen (industrial products manager) of Pigment.Inc. Visit the new PTM Innovations website for more information –

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