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Published: November 27, 2020

LONDON, NOVEMBER 2020: Fashion production software company, SupplyCompass, will be hosting its next webinar on 9 December at 12pm GMT: ‘Financing for Fashion Brands’. Teaming up with MarketFinance, SupplyCompass’s webinar will navigate the world of financial planning through the lens of fashion, specifically for SME brands.

MarketFinance is a business finance company that delivers seamless funding solutions to UK SMEs. The online platform connects investors and businesses across a range of sizes and sectors. From fashion to manufacturing, MarketFinance enables businesses to access a range of flexible financing quickly and easily. Since 2011, MarketFinance has advanced over £3bn worth of invoices and business loans to a broad range of companies

In this webinar, Gus Bartholomew, Co-Founder and CEO of SupplyCompass, together with Nicola Gandhi, Partnerships Manager of MarketFinance, will delve into a range of finance-related topics as well as exploring global challenges affecting the fashion industry. Discussions will cover the challenges of invoice vs. loan financing, financial growth, and how to prepare for a changing landscape with Brexit. The webinar will also address the current Covid-19 situation and the impact it is having on the fashion industry. Additionally, Gus and Nicola will elaborate on the financing options available in the fashion space and how SME brands can tap into them.

Gus Bartholomew, Co-Founder and CEO of SupplyCompass, says: “Stringent financial planning is critical to the success of any business. With the level of uncertainty currently being experienced by fashion retailers and brands, it is more important, and more challenging, than ever before. We’re delighted to be teaming with MarketFinance to discuss  the big challenges that are currently being experienced by brands and to discuss what tools and resources are available to help.”

About the speakers

  1. Gus Bartholomew · Co-Founder and CEO of SupplyCompass ( Gus is Co-Founder and CEO of SupplyCompass, a product development and production management platform for fashion brands and manufacturers. After originally training as an engineer, and becoming a chartered project manager, he turned his attention to fashion supply chains. Identifying a huge need to bring automation and efficiency to the management of supply chains, he co-founded SupplyCompass. He spent the first two years of the business living and breathing supply chains in India. He believes to make sustainable sourcing the default option for all parties, it has to be the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way to source.

  2. Nicola Gandhi · Partnerships Manager of MarketFinance ( Nicola is the Partnerships Manager of MarketFinance, a business finance company that delivers seamless funding solutions to UK SMEs. Nicola’s hands-on approach means she is MarketFinance’s partnerships go-to for all things funding. With over a decade of experience at major UK banks in both retail and commercial banking, Nicola has seen every pressure point along the supply chain. From inventory issues to invoice pressures, she understands how to solve cash flow challenges.

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