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Smart Factory By Hugo Boss

Published: August 3, 2020
Author: pprvallv

This is commendable to see how HB Izmir is incorporating many of the emerging technology such as AR / VR, cloud computing , data processing, AI, IOT, and ML into its company at a period when most clothing factories are either trying to do the same or believe it can’t be done.

The word ‘Smart Factory’ has been debated too many times in recent years, including its significance to the clothing manufacturing sector. Some of these debates can be found on a wide scale in clothing factories only discussing ideas with no specific application of Industry 4.0.

It was back in 2015 when, with the support of nearly 3,500 employees, HB Izmir started transforming its biggest manufacturing unit – on an area of about 65,000 square meters – into a smart factory that manufactures dresses, ties, shirts and coats.

One of the programs is Detection of Quality Defects by AI. The plant is capable of analyzing the background records and detecting potential operating and quality defects. It says that AI and data mining will recognize 80 per cent of defects.

Erkut Ekinci, Head of IT, HB Izmir announced that from four viewpoints – Strategic, Tactical, Technical and Methodology – the plant has been able to turn into a smart factory.

The entire factory runs on Virtual Twin, Robotics and AI which has led HB Izmir to see significant cost savings, rapid processing time, agile procedures, minimal complexity, quick data extraction at any given point of time, better efficiency and increased productivity.

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