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Platform E Portugal Based Technology Company Brand New website

Published: February 3, 2021
Author: Ssmundra2612
PlatformE, a Portugal-based technology company, is set to launch a brand-new website in the beginning of March 2021 adding a new offering to accelerate the scalability of on-demand manufacturing. The company will power accessibility to fashion brands to a network of suppliers which are digital savvy and ready to produce fashion on-demand.
The biggest problem in the fashion industry is overproduction, PlatformE stated in a press release. Brands take guesses on what people are going to buy and where they are going to buy. The supply never meets the demand in a perfect way. That has made fashion one of the most polluting industries in the world. The most powerful way to tackle this problem is to move from a system of mass production to an on-demand model of production. For over 4 years, brands have trusted PlatformE to provide at scale the best solutions for made-to-order and support manufacturing with the necessary digital transformation (while the industry adapts).
PlatformE offers a viable shift towards a new model of production: rather than producing stock in advance, each product is produced according to demand, meaning that every item has a home.
PlatformE’s services and technology streamlines 3D Digital Fashion across the supply chain, enabling our clients to create their items, sell it and only produce them after the point of purchase with a constant and integrated access to their entire production chains.
PlatformE’s offerings intersects three pillars of services: 3D digital product creation with the highest level of quality for production and consumer-facing retail experiences; a platform of tech solutions to streamline e-fashion across the value chain – from the product configurator to softwares that orchestrates orders, production, and logistics; and a global network of digital-savvy factories that are able to produce Fashion products on-demand and in record time.
This allows for small batch productions that can shorten the turnaround from samples to retail to under six weeks, the release said. Plus, brands can benefit from risk-free launches, digitised and transparent production development processes, and better relationships with their customers.
The company already helped the biggest players in fashion to connect demand directly to production and increase the number of products that they sell at full price.
PlatformE is welcoming fashion to the industry 5.0: digital, agile, consumer-centred, inventory-less, and sustainable.

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