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Pay Wage Arrears To NTC Workers

Published: April 18, 2023

A recent union gathering adopted a resolution that stated that since the pandemic spread in 2020 and the NTC mills were closed, employees there have only been paid 50% of their normal salary. But, they haven’t received any pay for the previous five months. No wages are paid to those who continue to work at the mills as watchmen or to maintain the power plant. The union denounced this and demanded that the NTC management and the Central government reimburse the workers’ unpaid wages. It said that because the NTC is not paying wages, the workers are also not receiving statutory benefits like the Provident Fund and ESI.

Also, the NTC has not paid gratuities for more than 100 retired employees. a period of three years. The Union declared that it was unlawful to fail to pay retiring employees their gratuities. It stated that the NTC administration should compute the interest due on this sum and pay it to the retiring employees.

The government should make sure that every retired mill worker receives a pension of $9,000 a month, it was added.

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