Egypt Cotton Federation has booked its first stall in next year’s Yarn Expo President Himanshu Bodawala , Chamber of Commerce ( SGCCI) and Egypt Cotton Federation will enter into a bilateral MoU for the purpose of development of the cotton market and to increase consumption of Surat man made fabric in Egypt.

The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce arranged a Seminar on ‘Opportunities with Egyptian Cotton Federation’ was held at SGCCI office, Sarsana, Surat on August 21, 2022 at 1:30 PM. In which the Export Councils General Manager of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt Eli Elkebir and the Executive Director of the Cotton Egypt Federation Khaled Shuman gave important information to the businessmen of Surat about the cotton and textile industry of Egypt.

SGCCI’s president Himanshu Bodawala said, the next date of Yarn Expo is 19th, 20th and 21st August, 2023. In which the Egypt Cotton Federation will participate and the first stall was booked from them. He said that an MOU has been made between the Chamber and the Egypt Cotton Federation for the purpose of development of the cotton market and how the consumption of Surat’s man made fabric can increase in Egypt. This proposal made by him was agreed by Eli Elkebir and Khaled Shuman of Egypt.

Egyptian cotton is the world’s best. Hence it was discussed that it can be used in India. When 90 percent
of cotton fabrics are used in Egypt, an important discussion was held on how to increase the use of man made fabric from South Gujarat including Surat in garmenting in Egypt. As part of the effort in this direction, an exhibition of Surat fabric will be held in Egypt and the Chamber of Commerce and Egypt Cotton Federation will sign a bilateral MoU for this.

Eli Elkebir and Khaled Shuman presented the presentation and said that quality cotton is cultivated by farmers in the agricultural sector in Egypt and the best quality cotton in the world is produced in Egypt. Their cotton is exported all over the world. Their cotton is a bit expensive compared to other countries but Egypt is remembered for quality cotton. He requested the industrialists of Surat to import quality cotton from Egypt when fabric is made in Surat and garmenting is also being done.

Amish Shah, group chairman of the chamber, outlined the programme. Harshal Bhagat, Chairman of the
Chamber’s Consulate Liaison/ International Business Delegation Committee moderated the entire session. Finally, Bhavesh Garhiya, Honorary Treasurer of the Chamber concluded the session by thanking the audience.