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New Innovative Hub

Published: June 30, 2020
Author: msi.pipon

Jeanologia has consolidated its internationalisation process with the opening of its new innovative hub in Hong Kong. The centre reinforces the company’s expansion plan by centralising all its operations in Asia. This allows it to be close to clients and offer the best service, as their technological partner, working as a team, and providing added value.

“A few years ago we started a new expansion strategy, integrating ourselves into the industrial fabrics of the countries where our clients come from. It is no longer enough to export, to achieve the revolution we want in the textile industry, we need to establish ourselves in those countries. By doing this, we are increasing our connection with them and getting to know their needs first-hand, thus providing effective support to accelerate our goal of dehydration and detoxification of the textile industry,” director of the Asia division, Jordi Juani said in a press release.

At the Hong Kong hub, a local Jeanologia team, made up of brainbox, locals, laser designers and experts, will share their knowledge and work side by side with their clients in order to design new processes and reduce time-to-market by increasing their competitiveness. It is a totally digitalised space that has a demo centre and all the laser and eco technologies of the company. In doing this, Jeanologia, reinforces its commitment to the Chinese textile industry by accompanying it in its digital transformation and in its conversion to sustainability.

Jeanologia has hubs in Turkey, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, the US, and Mexico, with sales in 65 countries. It has gone from being a company that exports to a well-established, being present with offices and its own team in the countries where it operates

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