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India ITME 2022 has been a huge success for the Rimtex Group in many aspects.

Published: January 12, 2023

With its pioneering innovations, Rimtex Group paves the way for the growth of the spinning industry in the years ahead.

At India ITME 2022 Rimtex Group showcased a host of innovations in spinning – ranging from new generation spinning cans to sliver can transportation, from ultra-precision combination spinning rings & travellers to new age castor wheel designs and along with a huge leap in the domain of sliver intelligence. Since its inception Rimtex group is committed to the evolution of spun fibre and has constantly pushed the boundaries of quality for the betterment of yarn output. The recent India ITME edition witnessed the furtherance of this commitment.

With one eye on the demands of the future and another on quality, Rimtex Group presented a brilliant mix of products and solutions that were well received by the industry. Some of the major takeaways from the Rimtex Group stand are:

Reimagining the utility of Spinning Cans: It is a well-established fact that Spinning Cans have a huge bearing on the sliver quality, which has irreversible consequences on yarn quality. The two models displayed by the company at the exhibition namely Rimtex DUO and Rimtex SUMO help spinners in the reduction of static and increased sliver loading respectively. The company used a creative way to display the spinning can models, which highlighted the key benefit and innovations of each of these.

  • A push for agility with its range of Material movement vehicles:

Designed especially for the textile industry, TANGO RX1 – POWERED CAN MOVER, and Tango Dx1 – POWERED DOFFING VEHICLE (which provides trolley movement on winding machine), are new-age locomotives for efficient material movement. The company had organised LIVE demonstration of the vehicle on each day of the event, and a lot of spinning mill owners and industry leaders visited the booth and experienced the product first-hand. The overall feedback on the product is very encouraging.

  • Introducing Sliver Intelligence to Spinning mills of India:

Rimtex Wizcan is a home-grown system that combines propriety software and hardware that empowers spinners with real-time sliver can tracking and monitoring. This has huge advantages for a spinning mill, we shall soon see the system operational at leading mills in India.

  • The concept of Combination Spinning caught everyone’s attention

The X-Axis spinning rings and ring travellers are optimising the yarn value for the spinner through precision combination engineering. At India ITME 2022 the company showcased the combination of Xtensa Rings and Xgen Travellers that is providing optimum contact area, which has multiple advantages. The company brought to the fore the new understanding of not looking at spinning rings and ring travellers in isolation but looking at them as a combination product.

  • Ushering Spinning mills to fluff-free operations

Kalpar Castors at their display pushed the thought about higher efficiency and the role of speed and low wastage in its pursuit. The On-Toes castors provide fluff-free movement, thus saving a lot of time and hassle for spinners, it also secures the sliver from any form of breakage during the movement. 

As one can observe Rimtex Group made most of the India ITME 2022 and it made the 6-year-long wait between the last edition and this a worthy one. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that with the updates and innovations, Rimtex Group is enabling spinning mills in being Future-Ready.

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