MS Ultrasonic Technology Group, a bonding and welding technology company based in Germany, is looking for new business possibilities in the nonwovens industry.

MS Ultrasonic Technology Group designs and manufactures a variety of ultrasonic equipment, including whole lines, modular systems, and individual components.

Customers may weld, punch, seal, cut, and rivet thermoplastics and textiles, as well as other materials, utilising the equipment, which is primarily used in the automotive, packaging/food, textile, medical technology, consumer products, and electrical components sectors.

MS is focusing on nonwovens as part of its expansion strategy, delivering ready-to-integrate drive and control technologies as well as ultrasonic welding capabilities.

The company’s new MS Competence Center in Ettlingen, Germany, which, along with its headquarters in Spaichingen, provides a vertically integrated continuous welding service, is at the heart of the new business growth.