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Leading Indian Bed Linen Exporter Diversified Product Line

Published: October 15, 2023

A leading manufacturer of bedlinens with 98% of its revenue coming from exports, Indo Count Industries, says it is looking to diversify its product range to include fashion, utility, and institutional beddings in the next three to four years and will attempt to generate 30% of its revenue from these products. This goal will be accomplished by expanding its product line to include these categories.

Following the implementation of this diversification strategy, the company’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, K.K. Lalpuria, stated that the company’s revenue targets are set to be increased by a factor of two to 6,000 crores. In addition, Mr. Lalpuria stated that the corporation will work to maximize its existing capacity rather than make more investments in infrastructure.

“We are attempting product diversity to satisfy their (the customers’) expectations because the merchants are offering not just sheets but also, for example, mattress protectors, mattress pads, pillow protectors, pillows, and comforters… Therefore, there is a significant amount of room for expansion in an area formerly dominated by China,” he said.

Mr. Lalpuria noted that initially, the Indian textile sector exclusively supplied bed linen sets. Still, in recent years, the product mix has extended to include fashion, utility, and institutional bedding.

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