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Intertex Portugal – International Textile Industry Fair

Published: November 21, 2023


The Intertex Portugal & Intershoes Portugal fairs are back from 21 to 23 May 2024 at Europarque, in Santa Maria da Feira, to celebrate innovation, sustainability and the future of the textile and footwear industry.

For B Group US, the North American company that organizes these events, this will be the 3rd edition of this event in Portugal that puts these two important sectors of the national economy in parallel in an event that promises to be a platform with unique characteristics for the meeting of the main national and international companies and professionals in the sector, where the latest trends in products and services will be presented.

Intertex Portugal and Intershoes Portugal will bring together the main players in the textile and footwear industry, from designers, raw material producers, finished product manufacturers and well-known national and international brands.

Expecting the participation of more than 190 companies from around 20 countries and thousands of professional visitors from all over the world, these events will be an unmissable opportunity to expand the business network, explore new contacts, establish new partnerships and create business opportunities.

Intertex Portugal & Intershoes Portugal are an important showcase of the textile and footwear industry, providing a platform for collaboration and inspiration for professionals in the sector. With a history of remarkable growth since its first edition, the Intertex Portuga & Intershoes Portugal fairs seek to be a global reference for professionals from all sectors and subsectors of these important areas of the national economy.

We will once again count on the support and support of prestigious reference entities such as ANIVEC – National Association of Clothing and Apparel Industries, one of the main associations in the national textile sector; UACS – Union of Trade and Services Associations; CFPIC – Professional Training Centre for the Tanning Industry; of the Tourism of the Centre and North of Portugal and the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.

This support demonstrates and recognizes the importance that these events represent for the business fabric Portuguese in terms of national and international encouragement and promotion, which our companies need so much.

Sector Overview

In June 2023, Portuguese exports of textiles and clothing amounted to 526 million euros (a growth of 1.7%) compared to the same month of the previous year.

With regard to footwear, Portugal gains position in the list of exporters, surpassing Hong Kong and placing our country as the 12th largest exporter of footwear, with an increase of 11% in the average price of national shoes.
This news shows the importance that Portuguese companies have given to their internationalization and the investment that is becoming increasingly essential in foreign markets. Thus, it becomes clear the need and importance of national companies to invest in promotion and dissemination abroad.

As Intertex & Intershoes Portugal is an event with a strong component of international visitors looking to get to know the best that is done in the national territory, this will be a unique opportunity for partnerships and international business not to be missed.

Highlights for 2024

“Start-up Space”
In order to encourage and boost emerging companies in textiles and footwear, there will be a zone of new or start-up companies that need to grow and expand their businesses.

“Thinking Textile and Shoes – The New Industry Trends”
It will be a space for lectures, interventions and debates where professionals in the sector will not only present the latest sustainable practices, recycled materials and ecologically correct production techniques, but will also discuss and analyze the evolution and future of the textile and footwear sector.

“Business Talks”
Presentation of new products or services, the latest advances in technology and innovation, the application of specific management systems; these will be just some of the topics that the companies participating in Intertex Portugal and Intershoes Portugal 2024 will have the opportunity to address in this dynamic space for the promotion and dissemination of their products, services, news or even projects that are looking for investors.

“Design Trend Area”
Fashion will have its place in these events, seeking to establish the bridge between imagination and creation, between design and production, between renowned national designers and young creators, shortening the distances between the players in each sector and bringing all the actors together on the same stage.

“Hosted Buyer Program”
Following the previous editions, the organization of the event will invite, through the Hosted Buyers Program, hundreds of international VIP buyers to visit Intertex Portugal and  Intershoes Portugal, with the clear intention of increasing the possibilities of internationalization of national companies.

In addition, each company participating in the event may invite a customer or potential customer to be included in this group of exclusive buyers invited by the organization.

“Hosted Buyer Lounge”
An area reserved for Hosted Buyers, which will promote meetings between exhibiting companies and the main visiting professional buyers, stimulating networking, with all the necessary amenities.

“Zen Lounge”
An open space for all visitors, with an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation that invites the establishment of valuable connections and the realization of business between participants, professional visitors and buyers from all over the world.

“Shuttle Service”
Because the convenience of visitors is fundamental, there will be a permanent free shuttle service for visitors that will connect the Airport, the center of Porto and Europarque.

Impact of the Event
It is clear that the holding of this event has a significant economic impact, not only because of the commercial transactions that will take place between the participants and visitors of the fairs, but also because of the direct impact on the local and national economy, resulting from the hundreds of people from the companies exhibiting the event and the thousands of visitors who will attend it.

In addition to the direct investment made by the North American company BGroup US in the organization of Intertex and Intershoes in Portugal, which is reflected, for example, in the rental of facilities, hiring of staff and service providers for the event, as well as in the payment of national taxes and fees, there is also a very far-reaching economic impact generated by exhibitors and visitors. Both nationals and foreigners, during your stay, which includes expenses with accommodation, restaurants, transportation, shopping, among others.

According to official studies and audits, the direct economic impact on the region where the event takes place can exceed 2 million euros in a short period of time, without considering the additional tourist impact resulting from the possible subsequent visit of many participants and visitors to the region.

Therefore, the holding of the Intertex and Intershoes fairs in Portugal is an advantage in all aspects, contributing directly to the local and national economy.

promoting the growth and internationalization of Portuguese companies and placing Portugal on the international scene of fashion, textiles and footwear.

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