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Published: May 5, 2021
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Since the invention of wired bras, it has always brought up many debates, confusion and fear in many ladies while many believe there are no side effects. Most of the women are confused and are unable to choose between looks and comfort.

We all have a love/hate relationship with wired bras. There is a rigid piece of wire in an  underwired bra that is sewn under the cup of the bra usually made of metal, plastic or resin.

Underwired bras were introduced as a revolutionary bra design that provides good support, especially for larger chest. In addition to that, underwired bras give proper lift without full breast coverage, shape to your breasts and broad hook and eye panel. Wired bras add a great definition to your bustline and enhances the silhouette. They have a variety of bra styles and print options to choose from. Goes well with almost all kinds of western and also with traditional or ethnic wear.

With all these benefits, unfortunately there are few disadvantages too. Underwired bras can rub and pinch the breast, causing skin irritation and breast pain. Research says wearing tight underwired bra for a long time can hurt your ribs which will make you feel tired easily. It is essential to wear a perfect fitted bra particularly if you have large breasts. A poorly fitted bra can force your neck and back muscles to work harder to support your breasts, which can result in something called a cervicogenic headache for which the symptoms include on only one side of your head and pain that seems to originate from your neck and travel upward to the front of the head or behind the eyes.

The wire of a bad quality worn bra can protrude from the fabric and scrape or cut the skin
within short period of use. Therefore, it is advised to always invest in good quality bras for a poke free day. Over time, the wire can become bent and bumpy. When these things happen, it’s time you to replace that bra with a new one.
Despite of being linked with breast cancer for almost ever, underwired bras actually don’t cause any risk to your health as per scientific studies. Just choose the right fit and size surely!

Are you the one who chooses comfort over everything? Do you love the smooth and soft touch of fabric against your skin? Do you have sensitive breasts, skin issues and allergies? If yes, then cotton bra is made for you! A cotton bra is great for women who values comfort and simply love the feel of natural fibre.

Cotton bras let your skin breathe through it. Some bras include cotton only in the cups, while some are made entirely of cotton. Many of today’s modern bras are actually made of blends which includes some amount of cotton with other synthetic material to provide more structure and stretch. Cotton bra are great for women who find other materials uncomfortable for their skin and women with allergies to certain materials. Therefore,
before shopping for cotton bras, make sure you read the composition and blend materials mentioned in the care label.

Cotton bras builds up your chest frame and provides a good support with a gentle lift.
Moreover, these bras give superior shape by defining your cups and reduces the possibility of sagging. For those with heavy breasts, cotton minimizer bras give a reduced bust appearance.

Unlike wired bra, cotton bras do not have any effect on your skin or body. Cotton bra is a great option for sleeping, lounging around and doing yoga or any other light exercise. Although, it is not a good option for one living in hot or humid temperature. Cotton bras retain moisture from sweat and takes time to dry which can lead to developing an odour over time. Cotton bras may not be a choice for office wear for some as it does not give a smooth texture like padded or wired bras, there might be crease lines visible through the outer garment.

Cotton bras may not satisfy your look’s need, but they definitely satisfy your body’s need of
comfort. Now it is your decision to choose between cotton and underwired bra. But whatever you choose, do not forget to consider your medical condition and choose precisely!

Fashion Intern:- Rashi Trivedi

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