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WORLD COTTON DAY CELEBRATION With FARMATHON (World’s 1st ever Farmer Marathon)

Published: October 12, 2019










In response to the initiative and invitation of WTO to celebrate World Cotton Day, COTTONGURU® had taken up the opportunity to organize “FARMATHON” (World’s First ever farmers marathon) on 7th October, 2019 in India under the banner of COTTON FORUM. This was purely a farmer welfare event where we highlighted the significance and utility of cotton in our daily lives and distributed cotton seeds, cotton products and by-products to participating farmers. FARMATHON gave exposure and recognition to cotton and all its stakeholders in production, transformation and trade.

Date of FARMATHON: 7TH October 2109, Monday (World Cotton Day)

Venue: Garware Stadium, Aurangabad

The aim of the FARMATHON was to

  • give a sense of belonging to the cotton farmers
  • promote cotton as the most natural, sustainable and eco-friendly renewable resource
  • discuss the means to fully encash its utility value.
  • ensure the participation of various stakeholders so as to promote cotton farming to fabric as a sustainable, traceable and profitable process at local, regional, national and international levels.

FARMATHON received very good support from BSE, India’s premier stock exchange. BSE-IPF was our Principal Sponsor. We heartily appreciate the co-operation of the following:

  • Originator of World Cotton Day event in Geneva : WTO
  • Principal Sponsor: BSE-IPF
  • High Yield Seed Partner: Mahyco
  • Supporter Associations: CCI, TAI (Mumbai), AICOSIA. Cotton Vidarbha
  • Cottonguru’s supporting buyers (farmer to buyer linkage); Manjeet Group. Riddhi Siddhi Group, Laxmi Cotspin Ltd, etc
  • Broadcast Media: DD News, Sakaal Group(AgroOne)

Most of the leading Associations in India like BSE (India’s Premier stock exchange), Cotton Association of India, Cotton Corporation of India, Textile Association of India and the entire cotton supply chain comprising of Seed companies, Agri-input companies, Farmtech companies, Ginners and Spinners  participated in the event to support the Cotton and cotton farmers.

Over 400 farmers participated in this historic event and hundreds of them were present to cheer them. Over 60 women farmers participated in the special short Marathon which was organised to appreciate their contribution to agriculture. There were exclusive gifts for All the participants made from cotton, cotton products and cotton by-products:

  • Designer Cotton T-shirts from Cottonguru
  • Beautiful and durable cotton bags from AICOSIA
  • Nutritious cotton seed milk mix powder packets from CCI
  • Healthy edible cotton oil from GIMATEX LTD



  1. FARMATHON (Farmers’ Marathon), is a first time ever historic event in the world exclusively run by farmers.
  2. Unique event for World Cotton Day on 7th Oct and will be celebrated every year.
  3. The program was broadcasted during World Cotton Day celebrations in Geneva, Switzerland.
  4. Participation of 400 cotton farmers (including 60 women) from 12 FPOs from 42 villages across Maharashtra.
  5. The Event was attended by hundreds of farmers and key persons from India’s Top Trade Associations, Research Associations, Seed companies, Agri-input companies, etc.
  6. There was extensive media coverage (broadcast, print, and internet) of the Mega event.
  7. BSE- IPF was our Principal Sponsor for the event.
  8. During the event, innovative cotton products and by-products were gifted to All the 400 participating farmers.
  9. We also showcased our 100 acre COTTONGURU-Manjeet group “Pradarshan Khet” project in which we have collaborated with India’s best seed, farmtech and Agri-input cos. for increasing the yield and income of farmers.

There were other special events and announcements on FARMATHON platform like:

  • Distribution of 10 mechanical hand harvesters to progressive farmers and office bearers of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs).
  • Special announcement by Shri Bhupendrasingh Rajpal (Pappubhai) of Manjeet Group to pay premium of Rs 100 per quintal for farmers who bring clean kapas (seed cotton) directly to their ginning factories.
  • Distribution of Medical kit (with critical medicines) by Riddhi SIddhi group to Dr Vaidya, a very humble doctor serving poor farmers.
  • Announcement of career guidance panel (Shri Sureshbhai Kotak, Dr Hemant Sonare, Shri Manish Daga) for students of CSMSS College of Agriculture, Aurangabad.

We had purposefully chosen Aurangabad as the venue as it falls in Marathwada district, which is the most draught-stricken belt of Indian state of Maharashtra since last 4 years. Maharashtra has the highest area under cotton cultivation, but the lowest yield in India. Any small impact in production and quality in Maharashtra will have a huge influence on India’s productivity and quality standards helping the global traders and consumers get uninterrupted supply of quality cotton.

COTTONGURU®, with it’s 116 year old history, has been associated with cotton from farming to exports, having a direct network of over 50,000 farmers across India. We are into “Pradarshan Khet projects which are an integrated effort involving India’s best farmers, Corporates, Seed companies, Agri input cos, farm-tech cos to convert barren fields to fertile profitable farmlands helping farmers from “Sowing to Marketing” so as to enhance their lifestyles.

 Our inspiration: Be the change that you want to see in the world (Shri Mahatma Gandhi)

Mission of COTTONGURU®: To assist cotton farmers in improving yield & quality, helping cotton users locate regular sources of quality cotton at nominal prices and to relocate cotton as a sustainable renewable resource thereby saving the environment.


Vision of COTTONGURU®: Encashing the economics of cotton for global prosperity.

COTTONGURU’s request to All:

  1. Use more and more Cotton as it is the most natural, eco-friendly, sustainable renewable resourse available to mankind. Repalce plastic/paper bags with cotton bags and tissue papers with Cotton handkerchiefs.
  2. Agriculture and cotton have the power to enhance the GDP of any nation.
  3. Agriculture must be by design, not by accident.
  4. Acknowledge farmer as an integral part of cotton textile supply chain.
  5. Doubling farmers income is the result of increased yield, enhanced quality and effective marketing.

FARMATHON has no boundaries. We have already got invitation for Gandhinagar, Delhi and Nagpur for the next year. There are proposals to host it overseas. We look forward to your whole hearted support in making this UNIQUE event a huge inspiration for farmers across the world.

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