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Published: November 24, 2020
Author: shwetaverma

Instagram is rushing over the HTbrunch’s cover-page featuring three Male Digital Content Creators who have taken the makeup sponge in their hands to initiate conversation about boys and beauty without the fear of judgement.

Abhinav Mathur (36), Ankush Bahuguna (27), and Siddharth Batra (27) were featured in the magazine on 22nd November 2020. These Creators have redefined the definition of beauty. The unsaid norms of only women wearing makeup and men “SHOULD” be all natural has been broken and is liked by everyone.

Despite of some negative comments and hate, the fire to BREAK THE NORMS OF BEAUTY STANDARDS IN INDIA has been ignited. Not only female fans but many males have also taken a step forward to support, accept and apply.

The video featuring the three Creators also mentioned about them not borrowing makeup from females but themselves owing according to the suitability of their skin complexions.

To know more watch the video below

Courtesy- Instagram of HTbrunch Magazine

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