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SICAM srl: an Italian excellence for Nonwovens and Textile

Published: December 11, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

SICAM ( produces machinery and plants for textiles and nonwovens with over half a century of experience.

Speaking with the owner Ing. Stefano Zanardi, son of the founder who created the company in Milan in the 1950s, the passion for mechanics immediately shines through, with a focus in process of continuous innovation based on many projects carried out.

SICAM has in fact consolidated technologies that have affected the bonding of fibers from airlay or carding for decades, but also Spun Lace or Spun Bond, Staple Fiber, chemical bonding, spray bonding or thermofixing processes; Taylor made projects and complete turn-key solutions have brought SICAM to compete with the main international players.

The mission of the company is, indeed, to providing the best solutions to the diverse needs of its customers.

In an historical time in which, due to the Corona virus pandemic spreading,hygiene and safety wear are more than important for moral, legal, and financial reasons and all the organizations have a duty to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected remain safe at all times, SICAM srl is increasing its production of complete lines for spun bond and melt blown,in order to fabricate respirators, a medical disposal required by the international laws.

Staying connected to the medical and hygienical field, SICAM is also providing to the market complete lines for the spun lace nonwovens like cotton pads, wipes and light webs laminated products.

After the forming section of the web, the water jet machine bonds the fibers on the hydroentanglement principle and a proper oven evaporate the water making the web ready for winding.

The web forming is obtained by traditional carding machine or airlay technology according to the final products.

As we can easily deduce from those insights, SICAM srl is an historical Italian reality with strong knowledge basis, but also looking forward to provide to the market the best technological solutions according to the current momentum.

For what concerns the Indian market, SICAM and all its product range, is now represented by Prashant Mandke (SOHAM ENTERPRISES, Mumbai).

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