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North and South India Spinning Mills reduced production appx. 50-60%

Published: July 21, 2019

North and South India reduced production up to 50-60% why spinning mills are reducing production??

We know that followings are natural Laws –

  1. Demand & Supply.
  2. Law of saturation.
  3. Change of Priorities.
  4. Image building.
  5. Honesty to yourself, our profession & our nation.
  6. Profit Sharing.

This is temporary phase and this is right time for Spinning Mills to think again and again regarding —

Categorize spindles, work force and power in 3 category

  1. For Continuous Running.
  2. For Running on Advance Order.
  3. For running on Required Profit only.

Plan for FORWARD INTEGRATION up to Retail Chain by–

  1. Enhancement of own Project.
  2. Lease Agreement for 5 years or more.

Job Work.

Few Textile Mills who had ignored which is necessary for HAPPINESS of industry  

  1. Inside Roads .
  2. Cleanliness of Toilets, Canteen etc.
  3. Workers Residence.
  4. Food Arrangement.
  5. Recreational Activities.
  6. HR Policies.
  7. Electrical System.
  8. Systems & Cleanliness of Raw Material , Finished Goods and waste Godowns.
  9. Welcome of Business Guests.
  10. Behavior of Top Officials.

One Mill was paying less salary to its employee but employees were performing better , than another mill where employees were getting much more salary. That mill was earning profit where HAPPINESS was existing.



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