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GEAR – CMAI Tie up!

Published: July 16, 2020

We take pride in informing all our members that our Association has entered into an Agreement with CMAI, Mumbai – The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.

The Clothing Manufacturers Association Of India (CMAI) is the pioneer and most representative Association of the Indian apparel industry for over four decades.

Taking initiative way back in 1982 to establish National Garment Fair & Regional Garment Fairs to connect domestic garment manufacturers with retailers, distributors and agents across the country is another major contribution of CMAI. CMAI has been authorised by the Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) to Exporters.

We are proud to share that this arrangement is the only arrangement and Agreement signed by CMAI with any other association.

Benefits of Tie Up:

  1. To organize Exhibitions/Fairs collectively in Rajasthan.
  2. To promote Business all over India.
  3. Taking up matter in association with CMAI to different Ministries.
  4. To resolve maximum possible queries at Jaipur.
  5. All circular of CMAI related with Trade will be circulated to Gear Members without becoming CMAI Member.
  6. And Many more.

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