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Manufacturers of RMGs want partial shipping in all land ports

Published: August 17, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
The BGMEA president also asked that non-tariff impediments to the import of yarn, cotton, and other raw materials from India be removed.
The country’s clothing manufacturers have urged the government to allow partial shipping in all of the country’s land ports when importing raw materials for the industry.
They have also asked for the conditions for importing yarn, cotton, textiles, and other raw materials through authorized land ports to be relaxed.
Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) sent a letter to the Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Saturday. The country imports a significant amount of yarn every year which is being imported through Benapole land port. But there are restrictions on import of cotton, yarn, cloth and other raw materials of the apparel sector.
BGMEA demanded the government to allow partial shipment facilities through the all-recognized land ports, including the Benapole. The import of raw materials is only allowed through the Chittagong port under bonded warehouse facility and partial shipment is also not allowed. Industry insiders said that they prefer partial shipments mainly for timely use of raw material and to reduce the cost of storage and warehousing of imported goods. The letter said that the country’s export-oriented RMG sector has been facing unprecedented challenges in terms of price and supply of yarn over the last year. It also highlighted the positive impact that the necessary policy reforms and implementation will bring for the apparel industry. “The implementation of these recommendations will reduce the pressure on the Benapole land port and this will speed up the imports and exports which will save time and money,” Faruque Hassan said.

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