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Leading Shade in Pandemic Autumn 2020

Published: August 3, 2020


Its good to know that in this quarantine period the fashion industry is still working for the people whose life is incomplete without fashion and trends apart from their pyjamas. So here is the well-known color brand PANTONE has collaborated with HEURITECH the trend forecasting company launched “Must-have color fall 2020”. The particular color which is leading is MINT shade.

Heuritech’s report, titled Must Have Colors for Fall 2020, uses social media data to spot color trends, with “state-of-the-art color detection capabilities on fashion pictures to get as close as possible to true colors (despite filters, shades, etc)”. The report identifies 5 Pantone color themes (below) for fall 2020: mint, pastel, earth tones, blue tones and pink.

Even the trend of muted colors are going on in Graphic media platforms working with a white background, try to use lighter muted colors and vice versa for black backgrounds. This will ensure that the colors blend well, instead of introducing a lot of harsh contrast.

For example, the vivid colors previously used by Apple in their marketing, and even the new iPhone colors, have been replaced by more muted tones. Muted colors can make your designs feel a lot more natural.

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