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Iran’s annual garment exports have increased by 99%

Published: July 20, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
According to an official at the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade, the value of Iran’s garment exports exceeded $113 million during the previous Iranian calendar year 1399 (which concluded on March 20), representing a 99-percent increase year on year.
According to an Iranian ministry official, the value of garment and textile product exports in the Iranian calendar year 1398 is expected to be $59 million. According to the director-general of the ministry’s Weaving and Garment Industries Department, output of the aforementioned goods grew by 20% over the previous year.
Iran has prohibited the import of Iranian clothes in order to encourage native producers and enhance product quality. Official: “Holding such exhibits in this sector would highlight the industry’s newest achievements and may be a big assistance to the industry.” Iran is one of the world’s top garment producers, with yearly shipments worth billions of dollars.
According to the leader of Tehran’s Union of Garment Manufacturers and Sellers, local firms fulfil 70-80 percent of the country’s apparel needs.
“After the restriction on clothing imports was implemented, domestic units made every effort to improve the quality and quantity of their goods so that there was no scarcity in the clothes market before the new year vacation (early March),” Abolqasem Shirazi stated.

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