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Indonesia hopes textile export target of $15 bn achievable.

Published: August 14, 2019

The Indonesian ministry of industry is hopeful of achieving its textile-apparel export target of $15 billion—set several years ago—by the end of this year as government programmes and incentives spur the industry’s performance. The textile sector is one of the priorities in the National Industrial Development Master Plan (RIPIN) 2015-2035.

Industry minister AirlanggaHartarto said the government created conducive investment climate through policies like tax concessions and holidays.  According to him, to achieve the export target, it is necessary to add extra production capacity of 1,638 thousand tonnes per year with an investment value of Rp81.45 trillion and employing 424,261 new workers.

He believes that the current US-China trade war can open opportunities to increase export of textile and clothing, especially in the US market because textile originating from China has an additional import duty of 25 per cent, according to an Indonesian media report.  Eight industrial estates are beginning to operate in the country. The remaining nine are still in the construction stage and 10 industrial zones are being planned.

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