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Global fashion brands tap India for face masks

Published: May 9, 2020

Oversees brand have been sharing prototype of fashion mask in cotton and blends with Indian suppliers for various states.

In Ahmedabad global fashion brand are knocking the door non -surgical face masks at the awakening days are asking for non-surgical face masks at the awakening days of COVID-19. Suppliers from India are seeking for permission from centre to explode non-surgical mask. AEPC seeks guidelines from the centre on the export of non-surgical grade of mask, gloves, coverall, gown and other protective wear and other companies have join the game such as Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) and Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF). Coimbatore and Tirupur has enquires for fashion mask and importers with an urgency of at least 50 crore masks.

Chairman Sakthivel in his letter to the commerce ministry states mask which are not surgical purpose exporters are unable to export any kind of those mask. Textile ministry, TEA president Raja M Shanmugam states that March’19 notification says export of surgical mask doesn’t prohibit mask which are made out of cloth to custom authorities are not permitting to their export

Brands are been asking for solid colours in cotton and blends but eventually mask will sync with the design of the garment.

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