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Colorjet & Konica Minolta – A Strategic Global Partnership

Published: March 20, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Two giants in their own spheres – Konica Minolta, Japanese multinational and world leader in optical digital print, and Colorjet, the largest manufacturer of digital inkjet printers in India have formed a strategic global alliance.  As part of this renewal of decades old partnership, Konica Minolta would promote ColorJet digital textile printers through their global sales network.

This marks a new milestone in the decades old strategic partnership of Colorjet & Konica Minolta.

ColorJet is the largest and leading digital printer manufacturer in India, well-known for delivering smart solutions of digital large format printers that enable users to enhance their business proposition and maximize their ROI.

For years, Colorjet Digital Textile Printers, for example, VastraJet and Metro have been designed around Konica Minolta’s industry-leading cutting-edge reliable print heads – a testament to the long-standing and established business relationship between the two companies.

This strategic partnership between Konica Minolta and Colorjet would make it possible to offer comprehensive solutions to the digital textile print industry all over the world, using the combined technological and commercial channel leadership of both companies.

There are no other large format printer manufacturers other than Colorjet with a range of print solutions, which seamlessly integrate global best-in-class technologies. Colorjet has been delivering enhanced business values to the most demanding of customers since 25 years with more than 4,500 Colorjet printer installations.

“The philosophy behind Colorjet products has been ‘Smart Indian Engineering’ for sustained long-term profit and this is what diverse customers want,” MS Dadu, Chairman and Managing Director of Colorjet India, said.

The new strategic arrangement between Colorjet and Konica Minolta aims to result in a gain of 15-17% market share in their target countries. This would be made possible with the increased product range that would appeal to a much wider range of textile and apparel industry entrepreneurs and because an optimized value would be delivered in terms of product and service.

Initially, the strategic sales collaboration will start in China, Pakistan and subsequently the partnership will extend to other countries.

About ColorJet India Ltd:

ColorJet Group the largest manufacturer of digital inkjet printers in India for Textiles and Signage, markets its products in 25 countries worldwide. Over 4,500 ColorJet printers are in operation around the world, across India, Middle East, Australia and Europe and the company keeps its presence strong, by exhibiting at various international exhibitions.

About Konica Minolta:

Konica Minolta was formed in 2003 with the management integration of Konica and Minolta. Konica started operations 140 years ago and Minolta has been operating for 85 years. Over the years, the two companies consistently played leading roles in Japan’s optical equipment industry.

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