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Clothing sales in Japan’s department stores have increased slightly

Published: September 20, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
According to figures issued by the Japan Department Shops Association, apparel retail sales by Japanese department stores grew 0.80% in July ’21 over July ’20. (JDSA). According to Clothes Resources, overall revenue from apparel sales in Japan’s department stores totaled 95,832.73 million yen ($870.80 million) in July ’21. These accounted for 23.80% of all earnings collected by Japanese department stores in the month of July ’21. Women’s wear proved to be the most profitable category, accounting for 65.80 percent of total revenue and totaling 63,083.49 million yen ($ 573.20 million).
Men’s clothes revenue totaled 19,581.45 million yen (US $ 177.93 million), a 1.70 percent decrease year on year. Kid’s wear saw a 4.80 percent dip in income to 6,034 million yen ($ 54.83 million) in July ’21, while all other forms of apparel saw a 1.60 percent increase to 7,136.78 million yen ($ 64.85 million).

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