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Archoma joins ‘The Denim Window’ to support inspired, sustainable denim creation

Published: February 24, 2020

Reinach, Switzerland, 24 February 2020 – Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, today announced that it has joined ‘The Denim Window’ as its showcase company for color and effect technologies.

The Denim Window is a showroom located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and dedicated to providing apparel brands with inspiration, sustainability and innovation for their denim collections. Created and curated by Silvia Rancani, a passionate denim consultant with a unique flair for fashion and technology, The Denim Window connects carefully selected companies with brands through exclusive events and showcases at The Denim Window location.

The Denim Window allows its visitors to find in one single place fabric mills, garment makers, chemical suppliers, fiber and trim producers, where designers, product developers, fashion students, denim lovers & emerging talents are invited to review and learn more about the products, aiming to stimulate creativity and innovation through collaborations.

The Denim Window and Archroma will regularly organize workshops to support brands and retailers with systems and inspiration to create denim colors and effects in “The Archroma Way: safe, efficient and enhanced. Because it’s our nature!”.

The company, which made the headlines with innovations such as its aniline-free* Denisol® Pure Indigo or its EarthColors® range of dyes based on non-edible biomass waste from the herbal and agricultural industries, participated to the recent exhibition organized at The Denim Window in Amsterdam on 23 January to celebrate Chinese New Year with the new Denim Window 2020 member companies.

“Amsterdam has developed as one of the world’s denim cities with global meet-ups and events, and now the conferences, workshops and permanent showroom of The Denim Window”, explains Umberto Devita, Business Development Manager for Denim & Casual Wear at Archroma. “The Denim Window, Archroma and the other member companies share the same passion for creativity, innovation and denim with a soul, and that makes us a match made in heaven. We are very excited to have been given this opportunity to collaborate the Denim Window dream team!”

* Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods
Denisol® and EarthColors® are trademarks of Archroma registered in many countries.
© 2020 Archroma

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