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Lindstrom Plans to Establish Its 13th Unit in India

Published: October 15, 2023

The textile rental business Lindstrom India, a subsidiary of Lindstrom Oy and has its headquarters in Finland, will launch its thirteenth location in India very soon.

According to Jayant Roy, the company’s Managing Director, the organization has a presence in the country’s north, south, east, and west with 12 units, one of which is located in Mumbai and is dedicated to production-on-demand. It already has one in Pune and plans to open another soon in Hyderabad.

The Mumbai business produces approximately seventy percent of the clothing, while the remaining thirty percent is purchased from the company’s partners. According to him, “at the group level, there is a lot of sourcing from India,” primarily done for operations in Europe and Asia.

The company began conducting business in India in 2007 in Chennai. It focuses on the pharmaceutical, healthcare, culinary, and electrical industries, achieving yearly growth rates in the double digits. Emerging industries include the automotive industry, engineering, as well as mining and the metals industry. “We do a need analysis, invest in the garments, and cater it to the customers,” he said. “We cater it to the customers.” He said that Lindstrom is considering recycling the clothing to make new items as part of its commitment to sustainability in its business operations and delivery methods.

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