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Adverse effects of digital marketing on the handloom business

Published: October 8, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Innovative Solapuri handloom products are in great demand in the markets. The handloom business in Solapur is currently lagging behind due to lack of digital marketing; But if it is used, the products of Solapuri weavers will be in good demand all over the world. The foresight will surely be achieved. This is because companies like Flipkart had come to Solapur to buy the products. But the weavers here are not curious about this. The central government is trying to increase handloom products.
Narendra Modi himself is taking initiative to promote weaving. In such times, Solapuri handloom products can flourish on the world stage. Can make a different impression. Other handloom products including cotton saree, silk saree, dhoti, towel, wall hanging, khadi plain cloth, sitting strip are in great demand in the market. A large number of Telugu speakers from Solapur are in this business. Most of the handloom weavers are uneducated and do business in the old fashioned way. They only sell goods to certain traders. They have no knowledge of digital marketing. Nor are they curious about it. This did not expand the business.
There were thousands of handlooms in Solapur in the past. Now this number can be counted on the fingers. Even today some weavers take traditional and innovative handloom products. The weavers did not get the expected market as they were traditionally involved in the business. This hampered the growth of the business.
Weavers in trouble
Earlier, there were 167 handloom co-operative societies functioning in Solapur. Of these, 36 institutions went into liquidation, while 18 institutions closed down. At present only 115 societies are functioning. At present there are 630 weavers and 132 assistant weavers. Mudra scheme provided loans to 50 weavers, while more than 100 weavers were given credit cards. Weavers do not have easy access to loans from banks. So the weavers are in trouble.

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