The government on Tuesday (May 26) said that a total of 60,490 patients have so far recovered from coronavirus across the nation and cited improvement in recovery rate in comparison to the global data of fatality.

Addressing media persons, Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary in Union Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare, said, “India’s recovery rate is steadily improving from
7.1% in March to 41.6% today. Our COVID-19 fatality rate is among the lowest in
the world: It has reduced from 3.3% to 2.87% today.”

“The global average for case fatality is presently around 6.4%. For India, the figure is as low as 2.87%, one of the lowest among countries which have reported high number of COVID-19 cases,” said Lav Agarwal, adding “4.4 deaths per lakh population have been reported for the world, while India has reported about 0.3 deaths per lakh population, which is amongst the lowest in the world. This has been due to lockdown, timely identification, and management of coronavirus cases.”

Dr Balram Bhargava, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research
(ICMR), said, “The testings have gone up in the last few months, and 1.1 lakh
samples are being tested every day.”

“In terms of fatality rate, we have surprisingly found a low fatality rate in India, which is very good. There are several hypotheses on this, but we can’t say anything clearly on any factor. Hope it continues,” the ICMR DG said.

According to him, “Lot of drugs are being repurposed for COVID-19. Taking
biological plausibility, in-vitro data, and safety of this drug (HCQ), we recommened it under strict medical supervision. Based on risk-benefit we found that possibly we should not deny our health workers from using it.”

Giving an update on coronavirus situation, the ministry stated that the Centre along with the states/UTs is taking several steps for prevention, containment and management of COVID-19 through a graded, pre-emptive, and pro-active approach.These are being regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.

The ministry said that India is now testing approximately 1.1 lakh samples per day, adding “Capacity has been increased by augmenting the number of labs, shifts, RT￾PCR machines, and manpower.”

“As of today, India has 612 total labs, 430 run by ICMR and 182 in the private
sector to test the population for COVID-19 infection. Guidelines have been issued
to states/UTs advising immediate testing for symptomatic and home quarantine for asymptomatic migrant workers,” the ministry added.