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How To Change Name In Driving License Online/Offline – Step by Step

Published: May 17, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

If you want to make a change in your current driver’s license! You can easily change online staying at home, you can change your address, mobile number, name, date of birth, etc. You can easily change your details by visiting the website of the Department of Transport of the Government of India. In this article, you will be guided for how change name in driving license

Amendment of driving license online sarthi parivahan. If you haven’t done your driving license yet! So now you can get a driver’s license online at home! Now you do not need to go to the RTO office! You can apply for an online driver’s license from your mobile phone or laptop! For opting for offline procedure, you need to pay charges/fees at the fee collection center. Apart from this, Biometric Photographs, signature, and fingerprints are taken.

In some cases, especially for women, after marriage, the surname changes, and one may find it necessary to make a change of name on their driver’s license. Here are a few steps you must take to successfully change your name on a driving license.

Follow the instructions below to change the name on your driver’s license in India:

Complete process on change name in DL 

Apply Offline
This process is not as tedious as it may sound or feel. The steps have been simplified so that the customer does not have to face major difficulties and the procedures are almost the same in all countries. Other important points to keep in mind when submitting an application include:

Step 1: It is always best to go in person when you submit an application to change the name. Collect all required documents that may include a current license, legal notices such as Gazette Notification, proving that your name has changed. For more information, you may also contact the driving school for assistance in determining which documentation is required to change the name in the driver’s license.

Step 2: When applying for a change of name, provide the legal reasons why you prefer the name change and the specific reasons associated with it. For example, if you are married, provide your marriage certificate and other related documents, or if you would like to keep your surname changed once, provide documents such as a birth certificate, etc. for official duties.

Step 3: Make sure the documents you have provided are written in a language that officials do understand. In the event that a translation is available, you should do so and make it easier for officials to understand the text and the reason for the change of names.

Step 4: Once all of this has been followed, follow along with the documentation.

Required documents for Change Name in Driving License:

  • Form L.L.D
  • Form 1 – Describing details and compulsories information.
  • Marriage Certificate – In the case of married people, especially women.
  • Proof of ID – Proof such as PAN card, voting ID, or Passport
  • Proof of address – Voting ID or Passport
  • Original Driver’s License
  • Copy of existing driver’s license.
  • Also, the processing fee, which may change from time to time.

Once all of this has been collected you will need to visit the RTO office in person.

The procedure followed there includes:

Step 5: Approval from the Designated Officer to receive such applications

Step 6: Then visit the Data Entry section for information to be collected.

Step 7: Pay charges/fees at the fee collection center.

Step 8: Biometric Photographs, signature, and fingerprints are taken.

Step 9: Review of information submitted for free licensing.

Step 10: Issued receipt which could be used as a temporary driver’s license.

Step 11: The original will be delivered via courier to the address provided.

If all of this is followed correctly, you will receive your first driver’s license within a maximum of 10 days and you will be free from the thoughts of changing your name.

Apply Online

  • Step 1: First go to the parivahan website:
  • Step 2: Second choose your state among 29 states.
  • Step 3: After selecting, your state then click on “Apply online” on the left side of the page and select and click on “Services on Driving License”.
  • Step 4: The list of Driving License services page is displayed and click on the Continue for Name Change Request button.
  • Step 5: Enter your DL (driver’s license) number and date of birth and click on the “GO” Button.
  • Step 6: Applicants name with a few other details shown on this page and select Apply to state and RTO and click Continue/Proceed.
  • Step 7: Driver’s License details page appears. Check all the details and click Confirm to continue.
  • Step 8: The DL services page is displayed select the Change of Name in Driving License in the required checkbox and click Continue
  • Step 9: The name change on the DL transaction page is displayed.
  • Step 10: Select the required information in the displayed dialog boxes and click on Confirm, and the Data accepted successfully message is displayed.
  • Step 11: To the left of the page announcement/declaration box and captcha are displayed,
  • Step 12: Click ​​(Tick) the announcement/ declaration box and enter the captcha code and click the Submit button.
  • Step 13: The notification/acknowledgment form is made up of details of the Applicant and the service requested. (Name Change to DL) Click Next to continue
  • Step 14: Next Process Click on the “Upload Documents” radio button to upload the required documents and then click the “Next” button as the Name Prof.
  • Step 15: At the next step click on the radio button of “Upload a photo and signature” so that the Applicant can “Upload a Photo and Signature” and then click the “Next” button.
  • Step 16: Select “Payment” and click on “Next” to continue paying.

Note: You do not need to make an appointment after free shipping when the name is renewed on the driver’s license, you will have to go to the nearest RTO office with the completed paper.

Following are the screenshots to know about change name in DL

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 7

Step 12

Step 15

Step 16

The above information on How to Change Name in Driving License is recently updated and it is given in the easiest steps to change the mobile number at your fingertips without going to any government offices.

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