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“Harish” at ITMA Shanghai: Showcasing the Future of Textile Printing Technology

Published: November 24, 2023

“Harish Textile Engineers” has built a formidable reputation in the Indian textile industry over more than six decades.

“Harish” has several “firsts” to its credit….first to indigenously manufacture stenters with its technology, super jumbo jiggers, emerising machines, loop steamers, rotary printing etc.

Being the pioneering company in processing textile machinery exports, “Harish” has shown the path for exports to other manufacturers from India.

“Harish” has been the pioneer in manufacturing rotary screen printing machines in India. With formidable export performance to more than 25 countries and technology backup, “Harish” is now relaunching rotary printing technology with several innovative developments to its credit.

  1. Individual servo drive for the printing head
  2. Printing blanket drive with servo motor
  3. Variable repeats – 640, 820, 914 & 1018
  4. Printing speed as high as up to 100 meters/min
  5. Specially designed open bearing for screen rotation
  6. Magnet squeegee, blade squeegee, combi possible
  7. Special pedestal for easy removal of the screen with colour pipe
  8. Fast locking & setting of screens in heads
  9. Quick memorising of the “0” setting of screens
  10. Digital operator panel for instant adjustment of design settings
  11. Perfect synchronisation of screen rotation speed with blanket speed
  12. Accurate fabric orientation for printing even two fabrics SIDE X SIDE
  13. Absolute accuracy in printing, even at high speeds
  14. Unique system for attending to screens during printing
  15. High-quality brushes for thorough and fast cleaning of blanket
  16. Skilled and knowledgeable technologists provide backup to highly trained service technicians
  17. Suitable for printing carpets, flannels, fleece printing, etc.
  18. Printing width from 1400 mm up to 3200 mm
  19. Improved dryer for efficient fabric drying even at high speeds

With enriched features, “Harish” is once again well set to leave deep footprints in the textile world.

Harish Textile Engineers Ltd. is participating in the ITMA Shanghai exhibition at Hall No. 6, Booth No. B04.

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